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Rassan industrial group has been operating in the field of building sanitary faucets since 1998.

Rassan managers with their influential presence in the field of sales and trade of sanitary faucets, Construction goods and with a strong motivation to produce high quality Iranian faucets with the aim of honoring consumers.

Rassan sanitary faucets with high engineering capacity, expertise and use of the young Iranian specialist’s knowledge and efforts and using high-tech machines has been able to produce a variety of products.

Today, The company’s distributors and sales representatives are active in most parts of the Iran and a significant parts of the company’s products are exported to Iraq, Afghanistan, Persian Gulf countries and CIS.

All Rassan products are manufactured with the strictest international standard.

It is our pleasure to announce that our company was selected as a national standard of 2019-2020 and also selected as an Iran top brands with valuable votes of the consumers for several years.


Mohammad Hassan Marjani

Chairman of the Board

Abbas Marjani

Member Of the Board

Hossein Marjani

Member Of the Board

Ali Marjani

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