The flow of my life with Rassan

The flow of my life with Rassan

Azadeh Samadi joined the flow of life with Rassan!
Introducing Azadeh Samadi as the ambassador of Rassan brand
Rasan started working with Azadeh Samadi from the “My Life with Rassan” campaign, and with the teaser of the unveiling of the brand ambassador on TV and radio networks, a new color and smell was introduced to introduce Rassan brand as an innovative and smart brand in the valve industry. And provided building equipment.
In this long-term campaign, Rassan seeks a closer relationship with the audience, creating a sense of intimacy between the brand and consumers, and shaping the association of a feminine and mobile brand in the minds.
After the unveiling of the first phase of the Life Flow campaign, with the introduction of the innovative and smart product of Rassan Touch Dishwashing Valve, the continuation of “Smart Life with Rassan” was added.
Ms. Samadi was with Rassan brand in the continuation of “My Life” and was elected as the brand ambassador.



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