The role of rassan sanitary valves in preventing cancer

The role of rassan sanitary valves in preventing cancer

February 4 is designated as World Cancer Day around the world. The purpose of choosing this day is to protect human lives from millions of preventable deaths due to cancer by raising awareness, educating about cancer and encouraging governments and People around the world are taking action against the disease.

Different symptoms for different cancers are common in the world. Pink, orange and purple ribbons have been chosen to raise awareness of some types of cancer and are a symbol of people’s hope that cancer will be eradicated in the future.

Building valves in constant contact with water are the lifeblood of humans. We should know that the same valves, if made with toxic metals such as lead, zinc, tin, etc., can cause a variety of diseases and cancers, especially leukemia. Unfortunately, many valve manufacturers use unhealthy and hazardous metals to produce their products only because of their lower cost. For more information, read “What do sanitary valves mean?”

To prevent the production of valves that do not accept any responsibility for the health of their customers, standards are developed by the World Standards Organization and implemented by standardization organizations in countries. The National Standards Organization of Iran, as the body in charge of hygiene in the production of construction valves, regulates and monitors the exact rules and the amount of metals in the brass alloy used in the final product.

We at Rasan Industrial Group are proud to have won the title of National Standard Sample Unit and Standard Sample Unit of Tehran Province by observing all the rules and standards of standardization. It is hoped that all health valve operators will responsibly produce valves, the key element of homes that are constantly used by family members, especially women and children, and make customer health a top priority.

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