AR technology

Augmented reality technology from Rassan perspective

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is a type of technology that shows us virtual objects and information in the real world environment. Augmented reality technology is a type of offline technology to create a new way to facilitate the customer experience.
If you are hesitant to buy or you are not sure which type or model of faucet is suitable for your home or workplace, don’t worry. At Rasan, we have provided the possibility of trying the product in your personal space before buying.
If you have doubts about choosing a product among several options, or if you are worried about the size of the product and its location in your home, just take help from augmented reality technology. Stand facing the place where you want to install the faucets and enter the Augmented Reality section of the Rasan site. Allow your smartphone camera to unlock and that’s it. The preview of the product can be seen in real dimensions and size in the place you want. You can see your selected faucets well by moving the phone camera from other angles.
Using this new feature, you can try the faucets you want in the real environment in a completely 3D way before you buy.

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